What if the tplinkwifi.net is not accessible?

TP Link Archer C50

The configuration page of the TP Link ArcherC50 might not be accessible due to many reasons. This error mostly occurs while the setting up of the routers. Some of the reasons for not being able to access the www.tplinkwifi.net are  as under-

  • Problem with the browser -The browser which acts as an interface of the router to which the computer is to be connected. It is important to note that the user must be using the updated and latest versions of the browsers namely “internet explorer”, “Google chrome”, “Safari” etc.
  • Selecting the incorrect connection type-The selection of the incorrect connection type can lead to the failure of the connection to the router. There are few specific connections like PPPoE,L2TP(layer2 tunnelling protocol) etc. The user should select the PPPoE connection type in the router’s configuration page. This is the ideal connection type for almost all the TPlink routers.

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