What exactly is tplinkwifi.net?

TP Link Archer MR200 dual band router

Every router or modem which serves as the strength of any connection needs to be configured. So that the complete features of that particular router can be utilized. Like the user has a TP Link Archer MR200 dual band router. The user will certainly need to configure that router himself. Most of the routers have their default IP address stored in their network memory through which we can access the configuration window of the router. But in case of TPLink modems and routers the web address www.tplinkwifi.net serves as the link to access the router’s configuration window. The dual band router uses two frequencies at a time for enhanced bandwidth which in turn increases the speed of the connection.

However the router can also be configured through the predefined IP address of or this was hard and complex to remember for the average user round the globe. So, to rectify the issue and making the customization of the TPlink routers easy, the www.tplinkwifi.net was setup. The web address www.tplinkwifi.net automatically detects the default IP address of the router and reroutes the user to the main configuration page of the TP Link router.

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