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Setting up a TP-Link range extender is not that complicated task. The TP-Link range repeater or extender is a device used to boost up and enhance the existing wireless signal connectivity of a wireless network. The TP-Link range extenders are the additional networking accessories used to append the Wi-Fi signals of the router. What you need to do is just set it up in the WLAN network and proceeds on.
The TP-Link range extenders can be set up easily through one of the two methods mentioned below.
WPS connection
Wi-Fi connection
Wired Ethernet connection

TP-Link range repeater setup

TP-Link AC1200 dual-band Gigabit range repeater
The TP-LINK AC1200 dual band repeater is loaded with some of the best features which a networking device requires like the multiple frequency bands, Gigabit Ethernet ports, and Wi-Fi Auto sync etc. Just log in to the repeater setup through and you are ready to enjoy the seamless Wi-Fi connectivity of your router.

WPS connection

The WPS refers to the Wi-Fi protected setup connection. This is one of the most convenient and time-saving methods of establishing a safe and secure connection between the various networking devices like routers, modems and the repeaters etc. Here in this section let us show you how you can easily improve the wireless range of your router by connecting an extender device to it.
TP-LINK AC1200 dual band Range
Just follow the steps described below.

  • Open the range repeater and connect it to the power outlet nearby your wireless router.
  • Switch on the power button of the router as well as the range extender device and wait for both the devices to wake and get stable.
  • Then push the WPS button on router/AP first and then similarly press the WPS button of your range extender within two minutes of prescribed time.
  • It is important to note that the WPS button on the repeater device should be pushed within the 2 minutes of time or else the connection will be terminated and you will have to start all again.
  • After the WPS buttons have been pushed on both the devices, make sure to check the WPS LEDs on both the devices i.e. router and the range repeater.
  • The WPS LEDs on the repeater and the router’s display panel will start blinking and hence the connection can be confirmed through these LEDs.

Wi-Fi connection

This is one another method of connecting your range repeater to the wireless network for extending its wireless signal connectivity of the router. The Wi-Fi connection method doesn’t require many efforts as all the setup is done wirelessly. Read the instructions carefully mentioned below.

  • First of all, plug in repeater device to the power outlet near to your Wi-Fi router, then switch it on and wait for few seconds.
  • Now, connect your PC to the extender device from the list of available wireless connections. You just have to select and connect the repeater to the computer.
  • Then open the web browser of your PC and enter the web address or in the URL bar of the browser.
  • Authenticate the user login with a username and password for which the default values are “admin” for both the fields.
  • Now, select the quick setup button and click the next tab to configure your range repeater with the router.
  • Select your region/place or country and then click next. Your TP-Link range repeater will now automatically scan for the available wireless networks within its range.
  • Select the network name or SSID of your home/office Wi-Fi router which you want to extend.
  • You will be asked to input the login password of the router that you want to extend and then click next again.
  • Now, click save and apply changes tab and then select the reboot now tab in order to make all the changes effective on your repeater and the router.

You are now ready to use your extended and boosted up Wi-Fi network without any coverage glitch in it. The wireless range will definitely boost up when you add the range extender device to your existing router.

However, there are some instructions that need to be followed by the user in order to successfully set up this extender device. These are listed below.

  1. Always try to connect the extender and the computer device with the help of an Ethernet cable (RJ45).
  2. It is recommended to keep the range repeater device in the halfway distance between the router and your computer.
  3. Always plug in the range repeater to the power outlet source near to the Wi-Fi router for the initial configuration only.
  4. It is to be noted that the average TP-Link range repeaters should not be kept more than 50 feet away from your router device as it will not work at all.
  5. The range repeaters also need to get a bit of input Wi-Fi signal from the router to amplify the signals.

What is

The TP-Link range repeater is the devices as we know used for amplifying the existing poor Wi-Fi signals to a new level. But to amplify the signals of the router, the repeater itself needs to be configured. Therefore, TP-Link created an easy to use web address i.e. so that the users don’t have to face any hassles and trouble while logging in and configuring their TP-Link range repeaters.

Also, note that it is not mandatory to log in and access the repeater’s setup page through; you can access it through its default IP address i.e.

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