Setting up and logging in to the TP LINK TL-WR841N router

TP Link is the renowned, reliable and the trustworthy brand in the field of networking industry. TP Link provides a user friendly and customized interface to configure their routers.

Configuring the TP Link TL-WR841N router

  • Unbox all the essential components of the TP link TL-WR841N router.
  • Connect the power supply to the router through the power adaptor provided with the router and switch it on.
  • Connect the one end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the modem/router and other end to the computer. This will establish a secure connection between the router and the computer.
  • Reboot the router and then check the lights on the display panel of the router if they are stable. The router will flash stable solid lights.
  • The users with less experience of setting and configuring the routers often don’t know about the link net in order to configure their router. The newbie users only try to use the “” or “” link for their modem configuration.
  • However, this is not the case with TP LINK TL-WR841N router. The user can log in to the net to access the interface of the router configuration.
  • The user after accessing the home page of the router configuration is prompted to provide the details in the username and password section of the router window.
  • The username and password for the TP Link routers are “admin” for both fields.

(Note-username and password are case sensitive.)

  • It is only after the login to the router, the user can customize the router’s default credentials like username and password.
  • It is advisable to change the username and password immediately after first time login for more enhanced security.
  • The user can now configure, control and manage the network through the quick configuration window of the router.

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